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At Fort Worth Deck and Fence, we off the top of the line commercial fencing solutions for any business. If you require a fence for safety and security, we can provide you with our business security fencing, gate entry systems, and anti-climb fence services. We want to help you keep you, your customers, and your possessions safe. To accomplish this we recommend contacting us at Fort Worth Deck and Fence to get the best, service and pricing in the DFW area. Contact us today to discuss the range of services we offer in our commercial fencing division.

Our Services

We provide a number of services to our commercial clients and we guarantee satisfaction and functionality with every job. Our services are such as follows:

Commercial Fence – For our commercial fencing, we have a number of options for you to choose from. We are proud of our work for many diverse industries such as storage facilities, government buildings, manufacturing plants, and many more. Your business is our business when we are installing a business security fence around your property. We provide your business with the ultimate solution to protect and secure that which is valuable to you.

Business Security Fencing – To keep your business secure, doors and locks sometimes just don’t cut it. It may be likely that you need business security fencing. We offer a number of varieties and styles. You choose the type of your wall or fence you prefer and we do the rest. We also provide fencing repair services as well. Our team of experienced and expert employees get the job done quickly and with little interruption to your business operations. With unique design and style options and the expert team to execute the project, Fort Worth Deck and Fence is the obvious choice for your business security fencing needs.

Gate Entry System – What good is a fence without a gate? We provide gate entry systems to fit your needs. We offer various remote access options to make it easy for you and your employees to enter and exit the premise. We also have intercom access options, guard shacks, and card readers. We provide the options you require.

Anti-Climb Fence – Sometimes your business needs something a little over the top. Like keeping people from climbing over the top of your fence! Our anti-climb fence solutions do as the name suggests and prevents people from climbing your security fence. We have installed these types of fences at airports, prisons, factories, and other high-security areas. We offer varying heights and materials, but the result is always the same.

Hotel Fence Installation – We provide a number of options to signify the boundaries of your property to your guests with our hotel fence installation service. Keeping the fence visually appealing with the security functionality is our top priority. We want to keep your guests safe during their stay. We use top quality materials and expert designers to match the look and feel of your establishment.

Why Choose Us

At Fort Worth Deck and Fence we offer you quality workmanship at an affordable rate. You will never compromise style for security or security for style with us. Our team of experts provides you with the best options in the DFW area to get your commercial fence built right. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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If you want to hire us, then you should call us immediately. Our number is (682) 204-7305. You can also ask for free quotes for all our services.