Fort Worth Residential Decking Services & Installation

Beautiful residential deck - Home Deck Builders in Fort Worth

If you are wanting the perfect place to sit and relax or host your friends and family for barbeques and get-togethers, Fort Worth Deck and Fence can build you the ideal residential deck for this. We offer many different types of services including patio decks, balcony decks, home deck design, and complete deck installation.

Patio Decks

Patio decks can be the perfect spot for hosting your barbeques and get-togethers. Or you can just enjoy it by yourself, by relaxing in the shade, sitting outside watching a summer rain while staying dry or quietly reading a book with a cold glass of iced tea. We want to build the perfect patio deck for whatever you want. Our process begins with a deep conversation with you about what you are wanting while we look over the area to evaluate the cost and determine what you will need to make your dream come true. We work with you to make your new deck a reality.

Balcony Decks

If you have a two-storied home and are wanting a beautiful deck that spans from one level to another, we offer balcony decks to accomplish this. Our experienced team can ensure the safety of these complex projects and will build it to withstand the harsh elements of Texas weather. Our experienced team can solve the most complex issues that can arise from the installation of a balcony deck. We are licensed and insured and we guarantee our work so that you can rest assured that your new deck is safe for your whole family.

Deck Installation

At Fort Worth Deck and Fence, our deck installation cannot be matched. We have a highly experienced team of workers that pay attention to every little detail to make sure that you get the exact deck that you want. Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. We inspect every inch of our work to ensure that everything is built to code and will stand the test of time. The soil around Forth Worth is various and that can lead to a number of issues, like shifting. When the ground shifts you may notice that your doors and windows don’t quite open and close properly. This shifting can also cause issues with your deck. We inspect your soil to make sure that we build you a deck that will endure the constantly shifting ground of our area.

Home Deck Design

One of our favorite services that we offer at Fort Worth Deck and Fence is our home deck design. Working directly with your wants and needs, we design out your deck before buying a single screw, board, or bracket. This allows you to visually see your deck before we build it. We can’t start until we get your approval. This also gives us a much closer estimate from the start because we can get a more precise calculation of materials and construction time so that you don’t end up paying a lot more than the estimate given.

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For more information feel free to contact our phone number is (682) 204-7305. We offer free quotes on all pool deck and fence installation and repair services.